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Buying a dream home from hard earned money is everyone’s dream and basic necessity as well. But what happens when you get betrayed in property matters? What would you do if a company or an individual took whole or part payment from you but doesn’t handover the property to you? What if a company or an individual took advance payment from you for a project that was expected to start in the near future but didn’t even start or was not completed even after many years? What to do if one property is sold out to two different properties? What if the owner doesn’t hand over all the papers related to the property to you?

If you want to remain safe while buying your dream home, then you should consult a good property lawyer in Gurgaon who can thoroughly check all the papers related to the property, whether it is genuine or not, help you in completing the formalities related to buying the property and guide you regarding the further process. 

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Property Lawyer in Gurgaon

Take into account an increase in the property prices and just imagine putting all your hard earned money at risk? Why do so without consulting a property lawyer? If you do take help of a property dealer while buying property, then why not consult a property lawyer? We at Truzie do everything from checking the genuineness of a property to handling disputes related to it. We conduct due diligence for the property to verify if the property is clear for sale or development. Our clients range from individuals planning to invest in a flat, tenants who take a property on rent, landlords who have rented their property to property developers. 


What is the property law in India?

Property regulation arrangements with the system of what an individual is qualified for own and gives rules to its utilization and conditions. It is relevant to both genuine and individual property. It influences everybody living in a general public and is likewise a significant piece of land regulation, family regulation and city regulation

Why is property law?

Property regulation oversees the different types of proprietorship and tenure in genuine property and individual property. It likewise gives the standards and rules by which disagreements regarding property are to be settled.

Is property law a good career?

Property regulation is a flourishing area of training, particularly during times of financial expansion. The worth of land, as an unflinching resource, has forever been high over the entire course of time and there will continuously be a market to purchase, rent, sell, or foster it.

Is property law private law?

Property is either delegated private property possessed by at least one people, or public property claimed by government. Property regulation is additionally grouped under precedent-based regulation as genuine or individual.

What is property rights law?

There are two fundamental sorts of property regulation, for the most part alluded to as "scholarly" and "genuine." Within these two huge classes there might be an abundance of resolutions and frameworks that arrangement with explicit parts of the law. A plan or outline can be viewed as protected innovation